What to Look For In Military Storage

If you're active in the military then self-storage can end up playing a crucial role in your lifestyle. Many times, members of the military and their families have to deal with transfers, relocations, deployments, and other life changes. A good storage unit means that no matter where you are currently stationed or where you are headed off to next, you can go knowing that your possessions are securely stored somewhere safe.

Military Storage Unit Sizes

Whether you have a lot of stuff or a few things to store away while out on deployment, Iron Guard Storage has the military self-storage units you need and in the size you need it. Some of our most common sizes are 5x5 and 10x10 units.

Small 5x5 Storage Units

Our 5x5 units can fit a twin-sized bed, dressers, and a number of storage boxes. This unit is great if you don’t have a lot but still need an adequate amount of space. 

Medium 10x10 Storage Units

If you are moving between houses, these units can fit all your living room and bedroom furniture along with a heaping amount of storage boxes for all the little things. This unit is by far the most popular choice among customer whether they are active military or not. 

Large 10x20 Storage Units

10x20 units are great for small families and can hold the amount of stuff you would need for a two to three-bedroom home, including large appliances, furniture, tools, holiday decorations, and so much more. Just make sure you pack what you need to get to the quickest, last, so it is in the front of the storage unit. 

In addition to our various unit sizes, we offer climate-controlled storage units to protect your possessions from humidity, moisture, and drastic changes in temperature so you can avoid things like rust and mildew making it perfect for military storage.

Secure Military Self Storage

Since you won't be around to protect your things, we offer secure self-storage so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings while you are away. With that in mind, you'll likely be moving quickly when it's time to go or come home, having access to Iron Guard’s moving truck rental, moving supplies make it easy to get to your things quickly as soon as you return.

The specific features and amenities of every self-storage location vary, but each facility should be able to cater to your distinct needs in some form or fashion as you serve your country. Generally, each of our facility locations have several common offerings among them to help keep your belongings safe.

24 Hour Cameras

Our locations come with 24-hour security cameras so we have an eye on all of our individual units. That way if an emergency situation does happen while you are away we can catch it and attend to it as quickly as possible. While there are many things to worry about, your self-storage doesn’t need to be one of them.

Gated Entry Storage Facilities

We issue each of our tenant's individual pin numbers for the gated entry so only those specific customers have access to their units including a key to their locked units. While we do have gated entry we also offer 24-hour access to your drive-up storage unit.

On-Site Storage Management

Should you ever have any questions, concerns, or want to change your unit size to a larger or smaller unit, we have on-site management to attend to your inquiries. Our on-site people are able and ready to serve you and your storage needs.

For more information and to book a storage unit, check out the different states we’re in to find a storage facility near you!