Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free rental truck with move in? We do offer a free rental truck at select locations. Please contact the store manager for details. How do I know what size space I will need? Use our online size estimator to help determine what size will suit you. We will also be glad to show you different size spaces when you come to the store for your tour. Call for an appointment today! Are my things covered against theft or damage while in storage? Iron Guard Storage offers a low cost Protection Plan that will cover your stored items against theft, break-ins or storm damage up to the limits of the policy. This is always a smart choice when storing your keepsakes! How can I save space when storing my stuff? You can set mattresses, sofas and bed frames up on their side against the wall. Take apart furniture when possible and tape the pieces together. Stack your boxes using the heavier boxes as the base and lighter boxes on top. Should I cover my stuff while it’s in storage? Yes! You always want to cover your goods with a large plastic or cloth tarp so that naturally occurring dust and pollen can be kept off of your items. We also recommend purchasing plastic furniture and mattress covers for your items. I only need the space for a few weeks. Is that a problem? Not with us! Our rental contract is from month to month so you are free to vacate when you are ready to leave. We will prorate you coming in to the facility but will not prorate you going out so please be aware of this when planning your stay with us. Contact our manager if you have any questions. Do you provide a lock for my space? Yes, we have a wide assortment of locks that are competitively priced so that you can secure your space. Hint: always use a good high quality lock when securing your space and remember to periodically spray the lock with silicone to keep it in good working condition. Do you have any U-Haul trucks available? Yes, we do have U-Haul available at select locations. Please call the manager for more details. What about pest control? All of our stores have contracted pest control that sprays around the facility each month. If you notice any issues in your space please contact the management immediately so we can take action. What about packing supplies? Can you help me with that? Absolutely! We offer a full range of moving boxes, tapes, tags, locks and other supplies to make your move a one-stop shopping experience. We also offer discounts on multiple box purchases to help you save money!