The Number One Reason to Clean Out Your Garage

The idea of cleaning out the garage probably doesn't sound too appealing. Most of us use our garage as a “catch-all” for junk that we accumulate over the years. We then mix that various power tools, cleaning chemicals, and paints. The clutter can reach the ceiling and cleaning it up sounds like a terrible nightmare. But there's actually a good reason to take the time to clean up and move all of that junk to a dedicated storage facility.


Only You Can Prevent Garage Fires


The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that between 2009 and 2011 more than 6,000 fires broke out each year in garages. Those 6,000 fires each year caused around 30 deaths and more than 400 injuries. They also resulted in around $54,000 worth of damage for each home where a fire occurred. Those are all alarming numbers and they all have one thing in common: the garage.


If you take a moment to look at a cluttered garage with fire safety in mind, then suddenly it doesn't seem like such a crazy idea. There are usually cardboard boxes stacked as high as the ceiling. Discarded furniture and upholstery in the corners. Wastebaskets filled with clothes that the kids are too big to wear anymore. Not to mention every piece of paperwork or homework that you've saved since you moved into the home. All of this is kindling and tinder for a fire.


Paper and cardboard isn't the only thing you have to worry about in a garage. Most homeowners also use it to store a variety of chemicals that will serve as the perfect fuel. Canisters of gasoline, oil, propane, and paint all wind up stored in the garage. Those substances will ensure that the fire grows rapidly and easily.


Garages Aren't Designed With Fire Safety In Mind


The garage is designed for vehicle storage. They tend to have very little in terms of fire safety. There are usually no smoke alarms or heat sensors located in the garage. When a fire breaks out in the garage you may not know it until it's reached another part of the house. The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that more than 45 percent of fires that start in the garage eventually spread to other parts of the house.


The average garage fire causes more damage to the home than a fire that's started in any other room. They go undetected and have a greater risk of causing harm to the residents. But what do you expect when you combine multiple fuel sources, piles of kindling, and absolutely no fire safety features?


There Is A Solution


This doesn't mean you should move out immediately and find a new home without a garage. It simply means that you need to mitigate the risks of causing a fire. A garage itself isn't naturally prone to catching on fire. It's a garage that is filled with years of clutter that becomes a fire-safety risk. The best thing to do is to clean the garage and move the clutter to a designated storage unit. From that point forward let the garage do what it's supposed to and protect your cars and tools.


Iron Guard Storage units include fire detectors, tenet insurance, and 24-hour cameras so you can be prepared for any emergency. You can be sure that your stuff stays protected when you move it over from the garage to storage. We have the unit sizes you need for your next move, or simply for extra space to store your stuff. To find a storage facility near you, check out our locations.