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Protect Your Belongings This Winter With These Self-Storage Hacks

Admin | Nov 22, 2019

Across the United States, winter weather conditions can vary. The easiest way to ensure the change in temperature doesn’t affect the items you have in self-storage is to rent a climate-controlled unit. 

Even if your unit is climate-controlled — and especially if it’s not — here are some tips for making moving in and out of a storage unit during the winter months as smooth as possible. 

Towels, Sheets, and Tarps

Towels, sheets, and tarps are an invaluable resource when moving items in and out of storage. At Iron Guard Storage, we recommend that customers have extra towels and sheets on hand to help protect items during lifting and moving, clean up any messes brought from outside and to cover stored items to protect them from dust. 

Plan for Weather

Depending on where you live, your winters may be mild or have the potential for precipitation. Either way, the winter season tends to be more unpredictable than others. Keep an eye on the weather conditions the day of your move and adjust your plans accordingly. If the weather does take a turn for the worst, be sure the pathway to your storage unit is clear and communicate with your moving company to best accommodate your needs. 

Keep Delicate Items Off the Ground

Iron Guard recommends that boxes containing delicate items like books, records, electronics, and glassware should be stored on shelves, on tables or on top of other stored items. The floor is always more prone to damaging moisture.