Using Storage to Embrace the Cottagecore Life

Admin | September 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Using Storage to Embrace the Cottagecore Life

If you’ve noticed a trend of earth tones, pastoral artwork, and rustic furniture and furnishings, you’ve seen the cottagecore movement.

Cottagecore is a new and exciting design aesthetic which references pastoral lifestyles, a return to earth and nature, and embracing the comfort and coziness of home. After all, with all the time we’ve spent at home the last year, why not embrace it, right?

If you’re ready to embrace cottagecore life, Iron Guard’s storage in Shreveport, LA, can help hold your things while you bring this new aesthetic to your home.


Store Your Old Decor  


If you’re just now seeing what cottagecore is all about, brace yourself, it may feel like a lot.

In stark contrast to minimalism or consumerism (or all sorts of other -isms), cottagecore embraces more than just a decoration style. It’s more like an entire lifestyle. And that can mean you’ll need lots of new things to really get into it.

Rather than just throw away all your old decor, start living the cottagecore lifestyle little by little, bit by bit. Replace a dresser with an antique hutch, or swap out something that is wrought iron for something wicker or wood.

As you make these changes, rather than dumping all your old stuff, just put the old furniture into self-storage in Shreveport in case you ever want to change aesthetics again.


Swap Things In and Out  

Cottagecore is such a fun aesthetic and decor style, in part because it encompasses so much. So it’s almost inevitable that as you get more and more into it, you’ll accumulate more and more stuff.

Whether it’s leaving cooking ingredients out in view or collecting antique furniture, cottagecore will create a unique and cozy vibe around your home. And once you get into it, it’s hard to stop! 


So if you find yourself collecting more and more cottagecore stuff, don’t worry! Our Shreveport storage facilities have plenty of room for everything you gather, meaning you can always swap new and old decor in and out to fit your constantly changing style.


Store Your Tools When You’re Not Using Them   


As another part of the cottagecore life entails a return to nature and the earth, chances are you’ll be drawn to things like yard work and gardening as you embrace the cottagecore life. 

Getting garden tools and getting your hands dirty can be great and exhilarating, but it can leave a problem...what to do with all the tools and other items?

Rather than clutter up your garage or home, use our Shreveport storage to keep all your tools and equipment safe and sound. It will always be available when you need it, but will also stay out of the way and won’t cramp your cottagecore vibe!

Ready to get your cottagecore groove on? Visit Iron Guard online or call 318-228-2833 to get started with your self-storage in Shreveport.