Using Self-Storage for Outdoor Painting and Renovating

Admin | August 19, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Using Self Storage for Outdoor Painting and Renovating

Now that summertime is in full swing, you may have that itch to do some painting and renovating on your home after being cooped up and quarantined.

If you’re ready to do some around-the-house projects, Iron Guard’s Shreveport storage is ready to store your items to make sure the project goes smoothly.


Find A Room In Your House  

The biggest challenge when doing outdoor painting and renovating is finding a place to store your items while you’re doing the project.

Storing your outdoor items like patio furniture should be done wisely, as the last thing you want is a new (and unwanted) paint job for your stuff. The same goes for storing renovation tools and supplies.

The easiest way to store these items during a renovation is to find a room in your house that you won’t be using. This is free, easy to access, and has the least amount of effort.


Call Friends or Family      

However, if using a room in your home or the garage isn’t an option, the next choice would be to call friends or family and store things there.

This can be less than ideal, as leaving things with someone else is usually not the most convenient option, particularly if they’re valuable or bulky. Still, it’s better to leave your stuff with friends or family than to risk damaging or ruining it during a renovation or paint session.


Use Your Garage     


Using your garage to store your items, paint, supplies, and tools is another decent option if you have the space.

This can help keep your stuff out of the way of your work area, and it’s easy to move things around the house. Again, the only problem is it then takes away your garage space and may force you to leave your cars, tools, or other toys outside to make room. 


Use Self-Storage

The easiest option for storing your things while you paint and renovate outdoors is to use storage in Shreveport. While you shouldn’t store paint in self-storage, you can store your tools and supplies, keeping them safe, secure, and out of the way.

You can also store items from your home or wherever it is you will be renovating. This will protect your stuff and is easier than trying to call friends and family to use their space. It also makes it so you don’t have to clutter up more space in your home or garage, and Shreveport self-storage is surprisingly affordable. 

If you’re ready to secure your Shreveport storage, call Iron Guard Storage at 318-228-2855 and ask how you can get up to one month free on select sizes!

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