Use Storage & These Space Saving Ideas for Your Dorm

Admin | October 23, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Use Storage & These Space Saving Ideas for Your Dorm


If you’re getting ready to make the big move into a dorm room, you’re probably realizing that your big move is heading somewhere small. How can you fit everything you need — and want — to have with you at school into such a tiny space? Iron Guard Storage is an expert at Shreveport self storage, so we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for maximizing space. And, when self storage is the answer, our Shreveport storage units are ready to go. 


Try these space saving ideas for your dorm.


Create Usable Space


You can’t create more space, but you can create more usable space. Items like over-the-door storage racks and closet storage organizers like hanging shelves give you more places to put things so they don’t end up cluttered. You may even want to invest in some temporary stick on shelves for smaller items like phones, pictures, and knick knacks. 


Underbed storage containers, carts, or bags turn that empty space underneath where you sleep into a functional storage area. They come in all sizes and are perfect for extra clothes, shoes, items you don’t use every day, spare towels, extra toiletries, and the like. And, remember that rolling clothing takes up less room than folding.


Embrace Bins


Plastic organizing bins or cloth storage cubes are great for keeping rooms organized and consolidating storage. In the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, there are so many small items that need a place to go. They don’t take up much space on their own but multiply those fun-size products by 20 or more, and things start to feel cramped. Place like items in organizing bins to regain control. 


Get Flexible with Furniture


While you may think furniture would add too much to a small space, the right furniture can alleviate storage stress. Invest in multi-use furniture like storage ottomans or trunks that can be both storage containers and seating. If you have to keep a box or storage bin in the apartment, try making it into furniture. Toss a cute tablecloth on it to make a side table or space for houseplants. 


Self Storage with Iron Guard Storage


There are bound to be things that just won’t fit in your dorm room. Instead of living in clutter, free up space with self storage. Storage units are the perfect way to have easy access to your stuff without living every day surrounded by boxes and bins. Try placing items you don’t need as often or seasonal items like clothing, recreation equipment, and decorations, into storage. 


To maximize space in your storage unit and keep items safe think about these tips:



When you store with Iron Guard Storage, you can be confident that you are trusting a leader in Shreveport storage. We pride ourselves in keeping your valuables protected and secure. With features like drive up units, personal code access to our electronic gate, and top of the line security, you can rest easy, and we do the rest. 


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