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3 Storage Tips to Optimize Your Living Room in Shreveport

Admin | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Whether your home in Shreveport is big or small, optimizing the living room is always important. Iron Guard Storage in Shreveport, LA, has 3 storage tips to optimize the space you have in your living room. 


These tips can help you make the most of your living room no matter how much — or little — space you have to work with.


First, Declutter Everything  


The first step towards the living room you’re envisioning is to fully declutter it.

Start with any flat surfaces such as tables or counter space, as these tend to accumulate things quickly. Consider having a bin or basket that fits your style but is also a place to keep those random items that continually clutter your living room.

If you’ve found you’ve just run out of space, consider looking into Iron Guard’s Shreveport storage facilities. We’ve got as much space as you need at affordable prices. Using our self-storage in Shreveport, LA, can really clear up space around your home and living room.


Second, Rugs and Artwork Can Make A Big Impact 

Second, think about adding pops of color and style with rugs and artwork. Rugs are a great way to change the feel of your living room without doing a full renovation.

Consider collecting a few rugs, and when your living room starts to feel stale, swap out one for another. You might match the season or simply have a few rugs that match your style that you can switch out every few months. Iron Guard’s Shreveport storage is a great place to store those extra rugs while you’re not using them.

Artwork is the same, where you can collect several pieces over time and switch them at the same time you switch your rugs out. Don’t worry about running out of space at home, because we’ve got plenty of space at our Shreveport storage facilities.


Third, Utilize Functional Furniture

The last step towards optimizing your living room space is to try and use functional furniture. Functional furniture is furniture that can serve more than one purpose.

Ottomans that open and have extra space inside for storage are an easy way to free up space elsewhere. There are also cabinets and cupboards with hidden compartments and creative uses of space to help you store even more.

Iron Guard Storage Can Help

If you need self-storage in Shreveport, LA, Iron Guard has plenty of space for you. Using our space and your creativity, it won’t be long until you’ve optimized your living room and have created the space of your dreams! Visit us online to get your self-storage today.

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