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Port Arthur Storage for Winter Yardwork

Admin | January 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Texas winters aren’t as harsh as many around the country, which is just one of many reasons Texans love their home state. However, when it does get cold and chilly, your yard will still need some caretaking.

Iron Guard Storage has self-storage in Port Arthur that can help you store the tools and supplies you’ll need to keep your yard looking beautiful throughout the winter. Here are a few garage storage solutions and decluttering tips to make sure winter yard work items don’t start to overtake your garage. 


Keeping Your Lawn Healthy Through Winter

During the winter it’s recommended to water your lawn only once a month if needed. However, before the first frost, it’s recommended to fertilize your lawn with a low nitrogen fertilizer about 5 weeks before the first frost is scheduled to come.


If you’re like many people, your nitrogen fertilizer has a way of spreading itself around your garage and driveway throughout the winter while it’s in storage. Using Iron Guard Storage’s storage units in Port Arthur, TX, gives you a safe and secure place to store any lawn fertilizers and supplies you may want to keep in your garage throughout the winter.

Organize Your Tools and Supplies


Since you will only need to mow your lawn once or twice a month, it’s a good decluttering tip to find a convenient place for your lawnmower. If you’ve run out of space in your garage, renting a Port Arthur storage unit is an affordable and convenient way to store your lawnmower while it’s not being used frequently.

Running low on home storage space? A simple solution is putting all your yard work tools into a 5-gallon bucket to reduce clutter in your garage. Another easy decluttering tip is to drill hooks into your garage walls and hang tools up high so they take less room on your garage floor.

Storing Winter Yard Work Tools in a Self-Storage Unit

Since your Texas winter yard work is going to be pretty low-maintenance, it might make sense to get some self-storage in Port Arthur, Texas, to clear out more space in your home.

If you have lots of tools, a large lawnmower, or chemicals like nitrogen fertilizer you don’t want sitting around your garage, Iron Guard Storage has storage units in Port Arthur, TX, that can be as large or as small as you need. Whether you’re just storing a few yard work tools or an entire lawn care business, Iron Guard Storage has self-storage options to store everything you have.


Organizing Your Self-Storage

Just like in your home garage, your self-storage unit can easily get cluttered or jam-packed if you’re not careful in organizing it. EZStorage has some great home storage tips that can work for your garage or your self-storage unit.

First, organize your unit logically. If you have tools you’re going to use a lot, put them at the front, and lesser-used items at the back.

Second, consider storing your tools in clear bins, making for easy access. You’ll never forget where something is since you can see right into your boxes.

The last garage storage solution tip is to simply label all your boxes. It may be tempting to just throw tools into boxes and figure it out later, but clearly labeling boxes will save you time and headaches down the road.


If you’re finding your garage a bit too cluttered during winter, consider looking at our self-storage in Port Arthur, TX. Iron Guard Storage has the unit sizes and amenities to make storing your winter yard work tools a breeze.

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