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5 Self-Storage Tips for Port Arthur Residents

Admin | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you need self-storage in Port Arthur, TX, Iron Guard Storage has exactly what you need. With multiple sizes, including space for cars, boats, and RVs, we can store anything you might want to get out of your house. 


Our storage in Port Arthur can also be rented completely contact-free, and you can pay by phone or online.


If you’re planning on using storage units in Port Arthur, TX, Iron Guard Storage has 5 self-storage tips for you below.


Label Everything


The first thing to do when getting ready to load your Port Arthur storage is to label everything. Use large, clear labels that won’t crack, fade, or peel over time. Write the contents of each box clearly, and be sure to stack the boxes with the labels facing out. 


Labeling will save you lots of time and headaches in the future so you don’t have to tear through box after box trying to find what you’re looking for.


Put Heaviest Items on Bottom

Next, be sure to load your self-storage in Port Arthur with the heaviest items on the bottom. This may seem simple enough, but it will take a bit of planning and organization to be sure the heaviest boxes end up on bottom.


This will keep your lighter boxes from being crushed by heavier ones, and lighter boxes are less likely to tip and fall, causing injury.


Leave A Path to Access All Your Items

Another tip that sometimes isn’t remembered until it’s too late is to be sure to leave a path around your self-storage in Port Arthur


Again, this will take a bit of planning in advance, as it’s so easy to just cram box after box into your storage unit until there’s no space left.


Leaving a path through your boxes will make it easier to access everything and can keep you safe as you won’t have to climb up and over and around things to access what you need.


Wrap Your Valuables Well

If you have sheets, towels, bed linens, or old clothing you’re going to put into your Port Arthur storage, make use of them by wrapping your valuables.


If you don’t have those items to wrap valuables with, be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap and other packaging supplies to keep your valuables safe and secure. 


Keep Your Most Important Items Up Front


Last, as you load your storage in Port Arthur, TX, be sure to keep your most important items at the front of the unit. Anything you plan on using frequently should be kept near the front to allow for easy access.


Again, you don’t want to have to be searching through boxes or climbing over things to access something important that you’ll be using frequently.

If you’re ready to rent a storage unit in Port Arthur, TX, give Iron Guard Storage a call today at 409-230-0788 to hear about our promotions and specials.

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