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Time to Get Scrubbing With Self-Storage Spring Cleaning

Admin | February 18, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

For many spring cleaning is all about starting fresh. For storage unit owners that often means tossing extra junk away to hide away and forget about. That's not what we want for you at Iron Guard Self-Storage. That's why we took a look at Marie Kondo de-cluttering ideas and put together some simple spring cleaning tips for you. Learn how to make your unit work for you with a few simple tips that will transform your space for the warm season. 

Clear Away Excess One Container at a Time

As you roll up the door to your Iron Guard self-storage unit it can be overwhelming looking at all the items scattered about inside, especially if they aren't very organized. One of our most important spring cleaning tips for storage unit renters is to go through all your items and get rid of what you don't want or anything that's been damaged. 

Don't let this idea scare you. 

Instead, pull out one container at a time and slowly evaluate the items inside. Create a ‘keep’ pile and a ‘toss’ pile and tuck the container back in with the keepers when you're finished. Don't be afraid to only do a few containers with every visit. You'll reach a level of clean and organization you can be proud of with time. Some progress is better than giving up!

Group Like with Like

After tossing what you don't care about, it's time to organize your space so that it's functional. One of the most useful Marie Kondo de-cluttering techniques is to organize your belongings by their function. Keep all the decorations for a specific holiday in one area. Group together your winter clothing in another section. Stash away all the swimwear it's too cold for in another area. 

Make sure each container is being used to house items with a similar purpose and you won't have to question where that pair of sandals ran off to when it starts getting hot out. 

Create a Storage Map

We use maps on a regular basis to navigate shopping malls, grocery stores, and theme parks, but most of us never think to create a storage map. As you're organizing your storage items, create a map of your Iron Guard self-storage unit complete with each container inside. This map should show the position of your containers and explain what each holds. 

With your map finished you'll have a way to locate objects quickly without wasting time digging through the wrong side of your unit. Don't rely on your memory to tell you where your valuables are, use your map on future visits instead. You can even keep a printed copy of it at your home so you can quickly reference what you have stored away and where. 

There are hundreds of spring cleaning tips, but far less for self-storage ideas for clutter. That's why we wanted to create this resource. Use these tips for your own unit and you'll be impressed with how much more useful it becomes for you as a result.

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