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Retire & Downsize with Shreveport Storage

Admin | September 10, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Retire & Downsize with Shreveport Storage

If you’re approaching retirement, you may have an entire range of emotions, from excitement to nervousness and everything in between. 


It’s normal to have conflicted feelings as you reach the end of your work life and enter into a new phase, and Iron Guard self-storage in Shreveport has a few ideas to help retire and downsize with ease.


Downsize Your Home


One of the first major decisions of retirement is whether to keep your home or downsize to something smaller and more manageable. If you’re an empty nester, it might make sense to have a smaller home with less maintenance and yard work.

However, downsizing your home doesn’t have to mean downsizing your items. Rather than get rid of a lifetime of memories, use our Shreveport storage units to store things until you’re ready to go through them. This will take a major strain off the moving process if you do decide to downsize your home.


Save Your Best Memories    

Along those same lines, retirement can often mean deciding what to do with a lifetime of things you’ve collected like memorabilia, photographs, and other personal items. 


If you downsize your home, you may run out of room in your new place for these items. Rather than just scrap them all or try and store them with family or friends, consider using self-storage to keep your items safe and sound while you’re deciding on your next move.

Spend Time With Family

A great thing about retirement is the freedom it gives you to do exactly what you want with your time. For many people, this means more time with family and friends.

If you’re going to have more company, that means reducing clutter in your home may be a priority to make more space for guests. An easy way to reduce clutter is to use our Shreveport storage units to store items you don’t need in your home.


Travel Around the World  

One of the best parts of retirement is the opportunity it gives many people to get out and see the world. If you’re planning on traveling during retirement, you’ll need a place to store your personal items as you’re around the globe.

Rather than trying to store them in an empty home or trying to store your items with family, friends, or neighbors, try our storage units. In storage, your things will be secure while you’re out making new memories and experiencing the world.

Use Iron Guard Storage To Make Retirement Easier

Whether you need help with moving, downsizing, storing precious memories, or keeping your items safe while you travel, Iron Guard Storage’s self-storage in Shreveport can help. Visit our website or call 318-228-2855 to see how you can get up to one month free on select sizes!

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