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Your Official Summer Self Storage Guide: What to Store

Admin | October 25, 2023 @ 12:00 AM


With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about decluttering the house and getting some of your excess things into self-storage.But, before you just throw everything possible into your self-storage in Shreveport, LA, there are certain things that should and things that should not be stored. Iron Guard Storage has a few insights as to what should and shouldn’t be put into self-storage, particularly in the hot Louisiana summers. 


What to Put Into Self-Storage

If you’re renting a non climate-controlled storage unit, that means your items will be susceptible to changes in heat and other weather patterns. As such, some things will do better than others.First, storing clothing, bedding, and other linens will work no matter which storage units in Shreveport, LA, you’re renting. Clothing and linens shouldn’t be damaged by heat, humidity, or cold, so you should be just fine keeping them in your self-storage unit.Second, furniture is always a great choice for self-storage. As long as your unit stays dry, your armchairs and couches will not be damaged by differing weather conditions.Last, large household appliances and other home items should be fine in self-storage no matter what mother nature brings. Be sure to drain large appliances like fridges, freezers, and dishwashers to avoid mold and water damage before placing them into your storage unit in Shreveport.


Items That Should Only Be Stored In Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Some items should never be stored in a non-climate controlled storage unit, like artwork, books and temperature-sensitive items, like batteries or explosives (fireworks, propane tanks, etc). As a rule of thumb, one should never store explosives or food items in a storage unit. 

First, never store electronics in your storage unit in Shreveport if you don’t have climate control. Electronics are generally very susceptible to heat, so be sure to not put expensive items like cell phones, computers, and tablets into self-storage unless you’re using Iron Guard Storage’s climate-controlled option.Second, only store books in a temperature controlled self-storage unit. Books can be damaged by heat and especially if they’re important or heirloom items, you don’t want to risk them getting ruined in the summer.Last, artwork and antiques should only be stored in your self-storage in Shreveport, LA, if you have climate control. Antiques and artwork can easily be damaged by heat, and if they are valuable, you want to only store them in your self-storage if it’s climate-controlled.


Iron Guard Storage has self-storage units in Shreveport from 5x5’ all the way up to 30x10’, so no matter what you need to store, we can handle it. Text us at 972-573-4075 to get set up with a completely contactless sign up process!

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