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Montgomery Storage: Prepare Your Car for Spring

Admin | March 15, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If your car has been in a Montgomery, AL, storage unit  for the winter, there are a few things you should do before you get back on the road. 

Iron Guard Storage in Montgomery, AL, has four things to do and check before you hit the road after taking your car out from winter storage.

Check Under the Hood

The first thing to do when you’re taking your car out of winter self-storage to prepare it for spring is to check under the hood.

Check for dust and dirt, animals, cracked or leaking hoses, broken fans, or anything else that could have frozen or broken during your car’s time in storage. Give your engine a good dusting and refill any fluids like windshield washer fluid and brake fluid.

Check Your Tires And Battery


Second, check your battery. Be sure the cables are both connected. If you disconnected your battery for the winter, reconnect it and be sure to make both sides of the cables fit snugly against your battery ports to prevent it from coming undone later.

Once you’ve checked your battery, try to start the car. If you have any issues, check your battery again. If it starts, move on to checking your tires.

With your tires, first, make sure you don’t have any flats. If you do have a flat, fill it with air to see if it’s a slow leak or if the tire has a hole in it. Get it repaired at a local tire shop before driving if it has a hole. 

Also check your tire pressure, as tires tend to deflate a bit during winter. Fill your tires to your car’s recommended pressure. Check for signs of wear and be sure the tread is within a safe range to drive on.

Test Your Brakes and Windshield Wipers

Since you’ve already topped off your brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid, it’s now time to fire up the car.

Once your car is on, test your brakes by tapping on them and ensuring it feels like they are catching to stop the car. You might want to let your car idle or roll very slowly so you can better test your brakes. If they are acting strange or not stopping properly, immediately stop your car and get to an auto mechanic.

With windshield wipers, squirt some fluid and turn them on. The last place you want to be when you find out they’re not working is in a snowstorm or rainstorm. Check for streaking, and if they’re not sufficiently cleaning and wiping your windshield for visibility, replace them.

Get An Oil Change

Last, check to be sure you have sufficient oil, then drive your car for a few minutes to get the oil flowing. Oil can build up deposits over time, and driving around for a few minutes will loosen them before you get your oil changed. 

If you’re doing the oil change yourself, swap out the cabin air filter at the same time. If you have an auto shop do your oil changes, be sure to have them use the manufacturer’s recommended oil and oil type. Get a sticker so you know when your next oil change is due.

Next winter, if you’re ready to store your car again, consider Iron Guard self-storage in Montgomery, AL, to keep your car dry, safe, and secure.

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