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Long-Term Car Storage in Shreveport

Admin | April 21, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Whatever the reason may be, if you need long-term car storage near Shreveport, Louisiana then you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few simple tips to help you keep your car in top shape while it enjoys an extended stay in a self-storage facility. Follow along and protect your ride.

Protect the Engine and Fuel System

Before putting your vehicle in a storage unit, there are a few steps you need to take to protect your fuel system and your engine both. 

Start by topping up your gas tank with premium gasoline and adding a fuel stabilizer to the system, a full tank prevents rust from developing. Follow that up with topping up the engine coolant and ensuring it's rated for storage unit temperatures to avoid freezing. 

Finally, change the oil and oil filter to premium options designed to prevent engine wear. This will help keep everything coated and protected. 

Finish off all these care steps by driving around for at least a few miles to get all the fluids circulating and ensure they're doing their job.

Protect the Exterior of Your Ride

In times of long-term storage, whether you have your vehicle tucked away in covered or enclosed vehicle storage, or you're using an uncovered parking space, there are some steps you'll want to follow to protect its exterior. 

Give the whole exterior a deep cleaning and apply a triple coat of wax protectant to the paint job. Use a clear coat protectant on the undercarriage as well. Toss your window wipers that will go bad while sitting, and wrap your ride in a thick vehicle cover designed for your car. 

Also, consider plugging up any open holes like the muffler once you're parked in storage to keep pests from setting up shop in your ride.

Protect Your Tires and Suspension

The last step to getting your vehicle prepared to sit at Iron Guard self-storage is to lift it up off the tires to take the weight off the suspension system. Use four jack stands and a sturdy jack to lift up your vehicle and leave it in the air slightly. This prevents your tires from warping over time, and it saves suspension components like your shocks and struts. 

As long as you store your ride in a good secure location that's accessible you should enjoy good results storing it over the long-term utilizing these simple tips. Iron Guard offers enclosed spaces and open-air parking spots depending on what you're interested in using to store your vehicles.

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