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How to Winterize Your Motorcycle for Storage?

Admin | October 12, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle for Storage

When the temperatures start to dip, you may consider putting your motorcycle in storage. Doing so will keep it nice and protected until you’re ready to ride off into the sunset again.


Today, we’re sharing a few storage tips to follow when it’s time to winterize your bike!


Get Your Motorcycle Serviced

First, take your motorcycle for a full service inspection. The mechanic can check out the chains and belt on your bike to see if they need repair or extra lubrication. They can also recommend new tires, if necessary.


At the very least, this is a good time to get an oil change. Leaving dirty oil in your bike’s engine could damage it while in storage. Your owner’s manual will reveal the correct type of oil to use.


Clean and Wax Your Bike

Next, give your bike a solid clean-up. In addition to washing it, also take the time to apply wax and polish any delicate chrome-plated or painted surfaces. If you have leather seats, apply a good-quality conditioner to preserve them.


Add Fuel Stabilizer

Stored fuel can begin to degrade over time. This can harm the motor and damage your ignition. Fuel stabilizer keeps gas and ethanol components together, preventing this reaction. Follow the directions, pour it into your gas tank, and start your engine so it can move within your fuel system.


Use a Battery Tender

Battery tenders are tools that monitor the charge of your bike’s battery. They can make sure it stays topped off without overheating. If you use one, you don’t have to disconnect the battery from your bike before putting it into a self storage unit. 


Store Your Bike Safely With Us

At Iron Guard Storage, we want to get you back on the road as safely and quickly as possible. Our self storage units will keep your bike safe all winter long! 


Feel free to contact us to learn about our available rental spots.

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