Prepare for the Holidays with Storage in Augusta, GA

Admin | October 12, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

No matter which holiday is your favorite, chances are good that you probably put up decorations during the major holiday season. All these different decorations can add up to lots of clutter in your home, and serious headaches when you try to keep everything organized. This is a very real issue that homeowners and renters both face. If you're tired of your decorations making a mess of your home, it's time to think about using storage units in Augusta, GA, to hold your decorations instead. In this guide, we explain how to do so effectively and what steps to take to guard your decorations. 

Gather and Pack Your Decorations with Care

Before you even consider your holiday storage solution, you need to start locating your decorations and putting them into protective boxes and carefully-designed containers to keep them safe and organized. Consider moisture-resistant plastic containers for many of your decorations, but also consider more specialized storage space such as a tree box, a wreath holder, strand light reels, and others. Try to keep everything neat and untangled and split into different categories so they are easy to manage. 

Determine How Much Space You Need

Once you're finished packing your decorations and getting them into one location, it's time to decide just how much space you need for these packages. Group all your containers together as close as you can, and stack them up as high as 8' off the floor. This gives you a realistic feel of what it will be like inside a storage unit that's holding your decorations. Take quick measurements of your stacks to help you decide what unit dimensions will work for you. 

Find the Right Space

When you know how much space you need, you can start searching for Storage in Augusta, GA, that will hold all your decorations. Consider how much space the decorations take in your home, and also try to think about future decorations you may want to add. It's best to go slightly larger than it is to choose a unit that's a bit too small for your needs. By sizing out your decorations first you'll find it easy to select a unit that will work for your needs accurately. 

Organize and Pile Up Your Containers

There are many holiday storage ideas for you to think about when trying to pack up your decorations and minimize the space they take. One of the most important is to stack your containers and to keep them organized by the holiday they are dedicated to. This means you shouldn't group together multiple holidays in one. Label each of your containers with the holiday it's for on the front. Now stack these containers based on their labels so you can easily pullout a single holiday without disturbing the others. When you do this properly you will have all the space you need for your valuables, and you won't have to consider upsizing your unit size either. 

Pull Your Decorations out Conveniently Before the Holiday

With your new holiday storage space established, you have to be mindful of when you take out your decorations so you'll have them ready. Try to remove your decorations from storage at least a week before you want to put them up. Take the containers out of storage, look through the boxes to verify everything is there and then bring it home to get it ready for use. While checking your decorations you should look for batteries and light bulbs that need to be replaced. By maintaining your decorations before you need them you can avoid purchasing new items unless absolutely necessary, and you will be ready to decorate without having to rush to get the items you need for the job. 

Decorations are difficult to manage and take up lots of space. Investing in self-storage in Augusta, GA can give you the dedicated space you need to keep those decorations neat and organized. Follow our simple tips and you won't have to deal with the clutter from your decorations, or with trying to find your decorations at the last minute.

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