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COVID-19 Storage Tips in Jacksonville, NC

Admin | November 9, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Moving during a global pandemic isn't ideal, but it doesn't have to be very difficult either. You just have to know how to approach it. That's why we've taken the time to assemble some moving and packing tips to help you through the process. We'll explain how to gather supplies, prepare for your move and how to get through the process in the most effective way possible. We'll even go over how you can use storage in Jacksonville, NC, to help you move more effectively. 

Selling and Donating Items During COVID-19

For many people, one of the first steps involved when preparing for a move is donating and selling off extra items. This helps with home organization and also leaves you with fewer items that you have to worry about moving. If you're sick of searching for home storage ideas to help you cope with too many items in your house, or you want to start cutting down on the clutter before a move, take a moment to talk with your local donation centers about their current protocol. Many centers have limited hours and special rules in place as well. Get to know these rules before you bring a truckload of items to the center to make your process as smooth as possible. 

Try and Gather Your Supplies at One Time

Another step you need to complete before a big move is to buy all the moving supplies that you'll need to get the job done. You need a surprisingly large stack of boxes, and several rolls of packing tape as well as some wrapping paper to move things safely. Don't buy a little at a time when shopping for these supplies, instead try and buy it all at once. You can likely go to a local business offering self-storage in Jacksonville, NC, to get all these supplies at one time and you aren't likely to encounter many people while you shop either. 

Complete the Move Yourself When Possible

It's tempting to bring in as many people as possible to help you pack and move, but this can be a risky prospect. It's better to try and do much of the work yourself. Try and pack everything yourself if you can. Also, try and move the items you can move comfortably on your own. If you can't handle moving everything yourself, just try and get help for the heavier items and handle the rest yourself to limit your exposure to other people. 

Work with Professional Movers Carefully

Sometimes there's no alternative to hiring professional movers to handle your move for you. Do your best to limit your exposure to these pros while they help you. Try and complete the quote and consultation process through a video chat if possible. Also, do your best to stay out of their way while they pack and move your items for you. You can put the packed boxes into home storage or one of your garage storage solutions so they're ready to go for the movers and away from the rest of your home. You can also stay out of the house whenever possible as long as that's allowed with the movers there. 

Take Your Time with the Move

It's tempting to try and rush your way through an unpleasant moving process, but that's not the best way to go when you have to follow careful restrictions. It's better to spend your time moving carefully. You can invest in Jacksonville, NC, storage units to help you store and move things more gradually. With storage in Jacksonville, NC, you have a place for all the extra items you don't want to keep at home and you can slowly prepare for a move and see your progress as you go through the process. 

Moving during COVID-19 isn't ideal, but it is possible. Learn how to do the process effectively yourself and you'll feel comfortable when it's time to get to work. We offer secure storage units in a range of sizes here at Iron Guard Storage if you need the space to help you with your upcoming move.

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