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College Storage Tips and Using Iron Guard Storage

Admin | February 10, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

College Storage Tips

Many people can use self-storage units. For example, college students often find many advantages to using storage units. Since college students often move far away from home but have to go back home between semesters, a self-storage unit can help eliminate needing to haul so many items. However, to get the most out of your storage units, you’ll want to follow these five tips. 

1. Choose a Location Close to the Campus

You should never sacrifice excellent quality for a closer storage service. However, choosing self-storage units close to your campus can help eliminate costs and commute times. This doesn’t mean your storage unit has to be a block away, but if it’s a short bus trip or car drive then that’s a plus. 

2. When Possible, Declutter

As a college student, you may not have a lot of items, to begin with, or they may all be at home. However, decluttering is always a great option. Doing so can help you save on space and eliminate items you no longer need. 

3. Consider What Type of Storage You Need

It can be tempting to simply throw everything into boxes and call it a day. However, some items may require special conditions. For example, some fabrics or art supplies might call for a climate-controlled unit. 

4. Consider Sharing a Storage Unit

You may already be sharing an apartment or house with several people. Chances are they may benefit from a storage service as well. By sharing space you can significantly cut down on the total price. However, you should only share storage space with someone you trust.

5. Choose the Right Service

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to choose the right storage space. Luckily, Iron Guard Storage has plenty of storage spaces available!

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College students can get the most out of their storage space by choosing a service close by, decluttering, considering the type of storage they need, sharing a space with a friend, and contacting  Iron Guard Storage. At  Iron Guard Storage, you’ll have access to various self-storage units perfect for all your needs. Contact us today at:

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