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Use Shreveport Storage for Better Bedroom Organization

Admin | April 30, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Now that winter’s over and spring has arrived, you may be feeling the itch to get some spring cleaning and organization done. 

If you’re ready to declutter and organize your bedroom, Iron Guard Storage in Shreveport, LA, has a few ideas for getting your bedroom less cluttered and less chaotic this spring.


Find A Place for Everything

The first step towards getting your bedroom organized is to find a place for everything. If everything has a place, nothing will be left to clutter your bedroom or make it feel cramped. 

Finding a place for everything doesn’t mean you have to put things in weird places, but it may mean you need to get a bit creative. 

Want to free up space? Consider using your dresser as a nightstand rather than having one of each. Need more closet space? Install hooks on the closet wall to give you more storage space in the same-sized closet. 

If you simply have too much in your bedroom, consider using our Shreveport storage facilities to store some of your lesser-used items and give yourself more of your bedroom back.

Install Wall Shelving

An easy fix to organizing your bedroom is to install shelving units on your walls. This way, you can use the vertical space of a wall without taking up space in other places of the bedroom.

Wall shelving is generally simple to install, and it can free up a surprising amount of space. Use your newly installed shelves to store things like jewelry or other small items that sometimes get put in random places.   

Use A Catch-All Basket or Bin

Along the same lines as wall shelving, create a bit or basket to use as a “catch-all.” This means all your little items that usually create clutter and chaos now have a place to call home in your bedroom. 

Pens, your wallet or purse, phone chargers and accessories, books, and anything else that may end up lying around your room can now be put in the catch-all basket or bin. Not only will you know where these things are now, but you will also love seeing less clutter in your bedroom.

If you have too many items to reasonably use a catch-all, consider using Iron Guard’s storage in Shreveport. No matter what it is you need to store, we’ve got space for all of it.

Try Using Functional Furniture

Another great bedroom organization tip is to use functional furniture. Functional furniture means furniture that serves more than its main purpose. 

Everyone needs a bed, but why not get a bed frame that has a headboard that opens for extra storage? Ottomans are another great place to store items, as many ottomans can be opened and used for extra space. 

Functional furniture allows you to get more use and storage out of the same items you’ll have in your bedroom anyway, so get creative!

Use Storage Space Under Your Bed

Last, use the space under your bed for extra storage. You can find roll-out drawers online that are specifically made to go under beds, and these can be used to organize and store things.

You likely already have space under your bed, so you might as well use it by getting a drawer or tray to slide under there and store things in. 

Things you might not use every day like certain pairs of shoes, seasonal clothing, or pieces of jewelry like watches may be a great fit for storage under your bed.

If you need a bit more space after these bedroom organization tips, don’t hesitate to call Iron Guard Storage’s Shreveport, LA, storage facility at (318) 228-2855. We’ve got the space you need to get your bedroom clean and organized this spring.

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