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3 Tips for Prepping Your Grill for Storage

Admin | October 5, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

3 Tips for Prepping Your Grill for Storage


The changing leaves and celebrated return of pumpkin spice each fall are strong indicators that it’s time to start prepping your grill for storage. Snow and sleet can wreak havoc on your favorite appliances and tools. Securing a Shreveport storage unit before this wintery weather hits will help you ensure your barbeque grill lasts for more than just one summer.


Like most appliances, there are a few specific rules for storing a grill. Here are our top three tips to help protect yours.


  1. Give Your Grill a Deep Clean


While this may seem obvious, the first step to storing your grill is to give a good, deep clean, removing any charcoal, grease, and dirt. Doing so will help you to avoid rodents and corrosive substances. Once clean you’ll want to lightly treat the grill with oil. The oil acts as a barrier against moisture, which if left untreated can rust the metal.


  1. Remove the Tank and Battery


Second, if your grill has them, you’ll need to remove the propane tank and battery. It’s important to note that propane tanks should never be stored inside, whether that’s in your own home or a Shreveport storage unit.


  1. Find a Secure Location


Lastly, you’ll want to cover your grill and take it somewhere out of the elements, like a storage unit. A secure Shreveport self-storage unit will give you peace of mind, knowing your grill is protected and waiting for you as soon as the last frost melts. At this stage, you can wrap your burners in plastic wrap for added protection if you’re worried about insects or other creatures.


The Preferred Self Storage in Shreveport


When summer comes to an official close and the last barbeques finally finish cooking, it’s time to consider Iron Guard Storage. Located in Shreveport, we’ve got a variety of storage units to secure your most valuable items! Reach out to us online or by phone to learn more.

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