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rating 3.7
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Shanna Miller

1 month ago
rating 5.0
Five stars are not enough. They deserve more but that is not an option. This place has INCREDIBLE customer service. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with the staff, the prices, cleanliness and the quality of the units. Morgan and April are not only knowledgeable and thorough, they are friendly and welcoming as well. I have read the negative reviews and would like to point out that it is not Iron Guard's fault that due diligence was not pursued by the prospective/former/current tenants. The website in fact states that TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY and that you are to inquire about said "terms and conditions". I urge everyone to give your business to this Iron Guard location. You will not be disappointed.

Jay’s Mobile Detailing

1 month ago
rating 5.0
Ive been at iron guard for about 2 years now and I love it here. And also the manager Morgan Keith shes friendly and very professional. I highly recommend the if anyone wants to store I recommend this place.

Tracy Pedre

2 weeks ago
rating 5.0
Fast and efficient, great prices. Manager Morgan was great and extremely knowledgeable

Donovan Moser

6 months ago
rating 2.0
too-good-to-be-true pricing - and its a trap. the pricing is only for one month, and their contract says they can raise the price at any time, using a " commodity value" model, and they do- by large jumps. For short term storage, no more than a couple of months, you may be able to work it out ok- but beware - the seemingly low price is a trap. they do not keep the same price for any time, increasing every month to the point that it is cheaper to go elsewhere forcing you to move your items- if you know you will be storing more than 3 months, it wold be better to choose somewhere with more honest policies from the start.

Casey Jenkins

4 weeks ago
rating 1.0
Bittersweet experience with this place so this is going to be long winded. Upon my initial move in there were minor issues with incorrect information provided which Id let go. I had to obtain a 2nd unit, which again took patience on my part as either the system didnt work correctly or the assistant didnt know what to do to get me into the unit the same day- let it go. Fast forward, I get the rent increase notice & advise Ill be vacating the 2nd unit; I ask about the vacate policy and do as informed. Now I open my bill to find a $100 cleaning fee tacked on. No efforts were made to let me know during the month- its 3wks later, I have no leg to stand on, cannot ask any questions as to what was in said unit- Im just to pay $100 on a $30 unit to gain access to my stuff. Makes sense right?!? Cant say Im happy about this at all and am highly upset as its what 9/21 & its the first I hear that I should have cleaned something?! During The times Id visited in August their ac was out for nearly 3wks yet Im to pay for a climate controlled unit which isn't cc. I get The things that come along w/storage but this is ridiculous, after all this Ill be looking for alternatives. Sad because Id really liked the management team but all these little things add up to a shotty experience...


4 months ago
rating 1.0
Terrible customer service. Prices told upfront are not what they charge later. Waiting 2 weeks now to have them correct from being over billed. Once my time of service is up I'm moving. Do not fall for thier cheap online prices. Not worth it
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